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Dark Petroleum Products Sulfur Content Tester Model TPC-120

  • TPC-120
This instrument complies with GB / T387, suitable for tube furnace method dark petroleum products Determination of sulfur content.
Technical parameters:
1. Apply to a tube furnace method for the determination of sulfur content in petroleum products dark methods.
2. Temperature range: adjustable set room temperature ~ 950 ℃
3. Temperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃
4. The heating power: about 3KW
5. Electric stroke: 165mm
6. Travel time: 25 ~ 65min adjustable (with adjustment table)
7. Flow measurement range: 80 ~ 800ml / min
8. Thermocouple: K indexing
9. Intelligent: a microprocessor-based intelligent instrument temperature control, digital display of temperature, temperature correction function, PID auto-tuning function
10. Instruments Material: imported brushed stainless steel
11. Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
12. Automatically stops at the end of the test
13. Dimensions: 900 * 350 * 450
14. Weight: 25k

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