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CTM Three Column Scraper Bottom Discharge Centrifuge

Model :
CTM type tripod centrifuge is a filtration type centrifuge for manual scraper lower unloading and intermittent operation, and is suitable for separation of suspension containing (granular, crystalline or short fibrous) solid phases and having a concentration of 5-6% and granularity of 0.05-1.5 mm. This series of centrifuge has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, each operation can be adjusted according to the requirements, the filter residue can be completely washed, solid phase are not easy to be damaged,. It has strong adaptability. The scraper lower unloading reduces the labor intensity and is widely used in chemistry, light industry, food, pharmacy, metallurgy and other industries.

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Model Drum Separation factor
Motor power

Diameter mm Working volume
materials limitation
Rotate speed

CTM800 800 90 120 0-1200 644 7.5 2500 1900×1370×1800
CTM1000 1000 150 150 0-1000 560 11 3500 2250×1700×1900
CTM1200 1200 240 200 0-800 430 15 4000 2450×1900×2300
CTM1250 1250 250 250 0-900 566 18.5 4200 2587×1900×2335


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