CT/PT Transformer Tester TPVA-404
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CT/PT Transformer Tester TPVA-404

  • TPVA-404
This analyzer TPVA-404 can be called transformers dynamic characteristics tester, voltage and current transformers dynamic characteristics tester, transformer synthesized tester, transformer volt-ampere characteristic tester, CT\PT synthesized tester, CT volt-ampere characteristics tester, PT volt-ampere characteristics tester, transformer characteristics synthesized tester, transformer transient characteristics tester, the voltage, ratio change, polarity synthesized tester.
TPVA-404 is a versatility current and voltage transformer characteristics tester in accordance with IEC60044-1 / GB1208, IEC60044-2GB1207, IEC60044-6 / GB16847 and C57.13, the instrument can obtain excitation characteristic of current and voltage transformer, excitation parameters, turns ratio, turns ratio error, polarity, coil resistance, hysteresis loop lines and other various experimental parameters, the measured current transformer inflection point voltage can reach up to 45KV.
CT / PT Analyzer can also be used in the following voltage transformer tests:
1) PT turns ratio detection
2) PT polarity check
3) PT secondary winding resistance measurement
4) PT secondary load measurement

1) CT nameplate parameters check
2) CT parameter check when access to current load
3) analyze the effects of transient characteristics to CT relay protection devices
4) PT nameplate data check
5) PT secondary load check
1. input voltage: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz / 60Hz ± 10%
2. output voltage: 0.1 ~ 180V (AC)
3. output current: 0.001 ~ 5A (RMS)
4. output power: 500VA
5. the maximum equivalent inflection voltage: 45KV
6. the current measurement: Range: 0 ~ 10A (autoranging 0.1 / 0.4 / 2 / 10A)
7. the voltage measurement: Range: 0 ~ 200V (autoranging 1/10/70 / 200V)
8. turns ratio measurement: Range: 1 to 35,000,
9. phase measurement: Accuracy: ± 2min, Resolution: 0.01min
10. secondary winding resistance measurement range: Range: 0 ~ 8KΩ (autoranging 2/20 / 80Ω / 800Ω / 8kΩ)
11. Working conditions: Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, humidity: ≤90%
12. Size: 485mm × 356mm × 183mm
13. Weight: 15Kg
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