Automatic Petroleum Products Carbon Residue Tester (Micromethod) CS-0625
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Automatic Petroleum Products Carbon Residue Tester (Micromethod) CS-0625

  • CS-0625
This instrument is designed and manufactured under the requirements of national standard GB/T 17144-1997 in “Determination of Carbon Residue in Petroleum Products(Micro Method)” enacted by People’s Republic of China, applicable to testing the amount of carbon residue of petroleum products through micro method.
1. Using desktop configuration, consists of two parts: a electrical control box and a high-temperature test heating furnace, reasonable design, simple structure.
2. Using SCM control system, the whole process of the instrument in accordance with a pre-set program, automatically controlled, command coordinated operation of the components.
3. The screen display for the whole English interface, the bottom of each interface has the current operation prompt, the user need not even read the instructions, as long as the instructions can be carried out according to the current test, easy operation and control, display interface cordial.
4. In full accordance with the standard requirements for automatic adjustment of the flow rate of nitrogen, automatic control of heating rate, the set temperature is automatically controlled, easy temperature adjustment, accurate heating rate, stable temperature control.
5. Automatic collection of experimental data, automatic calculation of results, according to user requirements for data saving and printing.
6. The instrument measured residual carbon in the range: 0.10% (m/m) ~30.0% (m/m). For the petroleum products with carbon residue more than 0.10%(m/m) is equivalent to the Conradson Carbon method (GB/T268) measurement results.
7. The instrument is also applicable to the petroleum products which consist of distillate oil and its carbon residue values below 0.10% (m/m), but you should first use (GB/T268) equivalent measurement results.
8. The configuration of the electronic balance, to achieve the sample input data such as heavy automation.
9. The biggest feature of this instrument: it can detect trace amounts of carbon residue; achieve automated sample weighing data input; fully automated testing process.

Power supply AC 220V ±10%50Hz
Instrument power ≤1600W
Coke oven temperature 500℃
Temperature accuracy ±2℃
Heating power 1500W
Ambient temperature 5℃35℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
Dimensions 520mm* 360mm*525mm

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