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Anti-Corrosive Oil/Grease Salt Spray Corrosion Tester Model TP-0081
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Anti-Corrosive Oil/Grease Salt Spray Corrosion Tester Model TP-0081

  • TP-0081
Product Description:
Model: TP-0081
TP-0081 is designed and manufactured based on SH / T 0081, using salt and spray test box to assess of the resistance of anti-corrosive oil to metals, applicable to anti-corrosive oil.

1. Pressure tank made of stainless steel, seamless welding, titanium tube heating , longer service life, high degree of corrosion resistance, the cover made of imported transparent acrylic sheet , high transparency for observation.
2. Digital temperature controller, PID temperature control, corrosion resistance temperature probe. When the salt spray test, temperature accuracy is ± 1 ℃.
3. Using high-precision multi-function timer, testing time can be set, and with a power failure memory function.
4. Automatic / manual addition water system ,which made the test couldnt be interrupted when the water level is low.
5. Double over-temperature protection, in the event of heating failure or temperature controller system failure which can automatically cut off the heating power.
6. Double low water protection can prevent laboratory and pressure tank burning for heating without water.
7. Precision quartz glass nozzle wont crystallize within 4000 hours, conical diffuser in spray tower can guide fog, adjust the volume of fog, uniform fog .

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